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Yoga is a practical philosophy, not a religion that involves the integration of the physical and spiritual in order to achieve a sense of wellbeing, it is health-promoting, limbering, and stress-reducing. Esoterically Hatha also from the Sanskrit words “Ha” sun and “Tha” moon representing the dualities of oneself (yin & yan), (pingala &,ida) in the human body. Hatha Yoga unites the dualities within in moving meditation

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Leela is a 200 RYT Yoga instructor trained in Rishikesh, India.  She is a Holistic Practitioner graduate from Transformational Arts College in Toronto Canada, a Holistic Health advisor, Reiki Practitioner and sound therapist.

Leela began her transformational journey at the age of 17 (2008) with Kundalini yoga.

She found that it was a great tool for finding inner peace, connection, and transformation in her daily life. After a few years of experimenting with sutil energies and personal development she later went on to learning about holistic, alternative therapies at TAC in Toronto.

She has trained in Hatha yoga and holds a great focus and importance on the breath. She has attended workshops on alignment, yin, ashtanga,  vinyasa, etc. as well as held workshops all over Ecuador, from Inversion workshops to sound therapy sessions.

She has taught yoga therapy, kids yoga, and has had the opportunity of working with students with scoliosis and other deformities of the bones. She has had the opportunity to learn from various shamans throughout Ecuador, creating her own healing therapy/modality which includes shamanic sound healing, crystal healing, Reiki, and Therapeutic massage.

Teaching with an open, compassionate heart as well as with a discipline and knowledge on yoga asana, anatomy, and prevention of injury has resulted in a beautiful, harmonized, and unique teaching approach which many of her students show much appreciation for.


Samskara saksat karanat purvajati jnanam. Through sustained focus and meditation on our patterns, habits, and conditioning, we gain knowledge and understanding of our past and how we can change the patterns that aren’t serving us to live more freely and fully.” ~ Yoga Sutra III.18


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