The north region of Peru has been recently discovered as a kiteboarder / kitesurfers dream. Thermal winds averaging 18 to 25 knots from late April to mid November and plenty of locations from flat-water bays to world-class waves provide unlimited options for kiteboarders of all levels. Mancora has not only been on the destination list for seasoned kitesurfer but for new enthusiasts as well.

At Samana Chakra, we offer Kiteboarding classes, Equipment Rental and organize your customized trips to the famous Wave spots across the Northern Coast.


Kiteboarding Basic Course


In this 6-hour-course (divided into three sessions of 2 hours) you will learn everything you need to know about safety, equipment, kite control and techniques.
Depending on each person’s ability, this is the general plan of the course:


First Session

  • Get to know the equipment and the set up
  • Safety Rules
  • Kite control on the beach
  • Explore the Wind Window

Second Session

  • Set up on your own
  • Self Rescue
  • Let’s go into the water!
  • Body Drag Downwind

Third Session

  • Bodydrag Upwind
  • Boarddrag
  • Water Start Introduction
  • Get on the Board and RIDE!