Samana Chakra, Mancora, Peru

Samana: Rest, tranquility, relaxation; Quechua
Prana or energy current centered at the abdomen. Sanskrit

Chakra: Land, ground or parcel; Quechua
“wheels” of Prana, centers of energy. Sanskrit

Samana Chakra celebrates the essence of nature while embracing the Peruvian culture. The fusion of the local ambiance combined with eastern healing arts nurture your senses. This boutique retreat in Mancora , Peru is dedicated to providing the visitor with the very best luxury accommodations, non-smoking facilities, services, and cuisine in a setting that is tranquil, yet rejuvenating for both the body and soul.

Samana Chakra also host retreats and workshops to a diverse array of Yogis, sports enthusiast, families and groups including reunions and weddings.

Samana has a breathtaking Yoga Shala where we offer classes by our gifted resident Yoga teachers. Enjoy other amenities such as our infinity fresh water pool, unique gardens, WI fi, heavenly massage services, and a relaxing common area complete with a library for your enjoyment.

Delight in our stunning dinning room overlooking the ocean featuring our Gourmet Chef who specializes in fine vegetarian and seafood selections

Samana Chakra is located on the sands of the beautiful North beach of Mancora,  a 5 minutes walking distance from the main beach to the North and town of Mancora to the northwest


Sitting just south of the equator, Mancora is bordered by the warm currents of the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Andean mountains to the east creating a perfect  micro climate. This arid terrain combined with the cool ocean breezes create an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) making a perfect setting to enjoy all that the area has to offer.

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